Veterans Matter 2000 Press Conference 3/12

In this land of the free and home of the brave, Veterans Matter has now housed over 2000 veterans in 18 states nationwide, 250 of those locally. This has been due to incredible partners, funding advocates and local community collaborators in the 18 states, and celebrities who too are united because they believe every veteran and veteran family with children should have a home for the brave.

We first give credit to our national partnership with the VA Homeless programs nationwide. We just created a simple technology system that allows the VA, in any funded area of operation, to go online and request the deposit, and all conforming referrals are approved in minutes and we mail the check to the landlord the very same day. Our partners, the VA homeless program social workers, who are on the streets of this nation looking for our heroes, are the ones who do all of the heavy lifting.

Introduce Shawn Dowling, VA, Ann Arbor Healthcare System

The luxury of this partnership is that every dollar we deploy results in another veteran or veteran family with children to be housed. In other words, this partnership gives us a 100% success rate housing veterans in a VA long term housing program that has a 91% success rate keeping them housed.

But this would not be possible without the local and national funding advocates, all of the individual Americans, corporations, such as the First Nation Group an incredible organization that exists to better their community, veteran and service organizations locally and nationally such as American Legion’s, VFW’s, and the National Exchange Clubs.

Locally special recognition goes to the Lucas County Veteran Services Commission which has been progressive in helping us not only serve the local Veterans, but to formulate models which we can then replicate in any other funded area of operation. For example when we discovered some of our veterans had minor unaddressed ancillary barriers preventing them from getting to the threshold; they funded our local Guardian Angel Fund.

Introduce Jason Brown, Lucas County Veterans Services Commission

Over the past year we’ve seen the demonstrated need and how to use those funds, so First Nation Group is funding a pilot Guardian Angel Fund in the northcoast of Florida.

Also joining the VSC locally, the entire community has rallied support for Veterans Matter, events like the Denny Schaffer Disco Party, Exchange Clubs 11/11 @ 7 rallies, and companies such as Savage and Associates, Credit Adjustments, Inc., and many others.

In creating Veterans Matter we intentionally didn’t create a system just to “help veterans”. We intentionally worked with the VA to create a system designed to identify and help the veterans in our nation who need us MOST:  We work intentionally with the VA to find the ones forgotten on the streets who have nowhere else to turn, but to you.

These three Veterans are a great example. Chosen to speak for the group is Ramon Martinez –“Once a Marine, always a Marine”.

Nationally, the First Nation Group has been such a powerfully compassionate and committed partner. They have donated over a third of the over $1.5 million we have deployed to house these 2000 veterans in 18 states. Their corporate culture is giving back to the community.

The Houston group sparked by Dusty Hill of ZZ Top and led by Kevin Maley, Sheri Henderson, Kathy Walton and Buddy Johnson has now raised over $350,000 and about to house their 750th Texas veteran.

This is what YOU do as funders, advocates and friends for 2000+veterans and veteran families with children that have been housed to date.

Yes, we housed over 2000 veterans; we celebrated in the office, high-fives for everybody. Then we got back to work because we know it is ONLY 2000 housed. We know there are thousands more who are praying for a guardian angel to help them off the streets. We want to be there in time.

Today, we begin #Mission1000more.  We hope you will join us in getting the word out.



Twitter: @Getvetshoused


Donate: or Text VETS” to 41444 to get the donation link.

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