Grass-Roots Group Has Quietly Housed Over 2,100 Homeless Veterans in 18 States

Toledo, OH – May 1, 2018 – With over 2,100 formerly homeless veterans now housed in 18 states, Veterans Matter, a national grass-roots organization that partners with the VA’s Homeless Veterans program to move homeless veterans into long-term housing, announces today its #Mission1000More social media campaign. The campaign has been created to inspire advocates and allies to help Veterans Matter house 1,000 more homeless veterans this year.

“We created Veterans Matter simply to help house 35 local veterans, and the movement grew after Dusty Hill of ZZ Top asked us to expand to his home state of Texas. After John Mellencamp and Mitch Albom helped us expand to their respective home states, our reach and impact grew even more, and faster,” said Ken Leslie, Veterans Matter Founder and Advocate in Chief. “With over 40,000 veterans still on the streets, our mission is simple: to house as many veterans as we can as quickly as we can.”

Veterans Matter has created an innovative, cloud-based, rapid-response system that partners with the VA’s Homeless Veterans program to identify homeless veterans in need and eliminate the customary barrier of a security deposit in minutes, as opposed to the typical period of 30 to 60 days. A growing national collaborative funding network of veterans’ service organizations, businesses, foundations, individuals, musicians, and celebrities provides the donations needed to fund the organization’s efforts.

“Because of our partnership with the VA, every dollar we deploy results in a veteran housed in long-term HUD-VA housing, which has a 91% success rate keeping them housed,” said Ken.

Underscoring the importance of ending veteran homelessness, more than 20 actors, musicians, authors, and singers have stepped forward as allies of Veterans Matter. High profile celebrities including Kid Rock, Katy Perry, Stevie Nicks, Susan Sarandon, Mario Lopez, Darius Rucker, Jennifer Nettles, and more, have allied their support by raising money or creating video PSAs to help raise awareness and encourage donations to be made through Veterans Matter. All celebrity videos can be viewed here.

Veterans Matter will use #Mission1000More to share important information about the national issue of veteran homelessness. The public is encouraged to share their social media assets on their Facebook and Twitter accounts to help raise awareness and to generate the support needed for Veterans Matter to move 1,000 veterans into long-term housing by the end of 2018.

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