“Hands down, the most common obstacle faced by Veterans during the lease-up process as described by HUD-VASH sites is a lack of funds for security deposits and other move-in costs.” – VA Best Practice Guide

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This 3 minute video produced by the VA explains how our partnership allows every dollar we deploy to result in a veteran housed in permanent VA Supported Housing which has a 91% success rate keeping them housed.

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Attention Allies and Advocates

America is the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. One of the bravest things one can do is put on the uniform to risk all to defend their country. Many of those brave are hurting right now; living on the streets of our nation where they have been beaten, robbed, even killed. Yet if this happened behind enemy lines, we would be outraged.

Our mission is simple, house as many homeless veterans as we can, as fast as we can. And that we’ve done 2700+ times to date.

Our method is just as simple, unite those of us who feel called to help homeless veterans into one cohesive force to successfully return more veterans to a home for the brave in the land of the free.

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We need your help. Veterans Matter — We take care of our own.


Thanks to the support of over 20 artists and celebrities who simply care about homeless veterans as much as we do, who are working to raise money and awareness, each of the 37,787 veterans still on the streets have a chance for a place called home. The program has grown to where it is today. This growth has been well documented in the local and national press.

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Celebrity Impact
  • Operation Michigan was started by writer Mitch Albom who has donated over $35,000 to house Michigan veterans. With additional funding raised and donated by Katy Perry, Kid Rock, the First Nation Group, Exchange Club service groups and generous corporations – over 400 homeless Michigan veterans have been housed to date.

  • Katy Perry’s continued support is credited with raising over $30,000, housing 35+ veterans in four states, and inspired the creation of Operation Mid-Atlantic which to date has housed a dozen veterans.

  • Also due in good measure to Mitch Albom’s participation, Michigan-based First Nation/Jordan Reses, a very compassionate company, has donated over $500,000 to house veterans in Michigan, Colorado, Texas, Mississippi, Indiana, Florida, North and South Carolina, and Tennessee.

  • Operation Texas was started by Dusty Hill of ZZ Top when he convened a group of businessmen and women in Houston. To date, this small group of heroes has donated over $360,000 and housed over 700 veterans!

  • The same day John Mellencamp became chair of Operation Indiana, we received an anonymous $37,000 donation. This and following support has led to nearly 200 Indiana veterans housed to date.

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26% of those we have housed are the veteran’s children.