Veterans Matter helps wrongfully evicted Veteran regain independence

In June of 2022, Veterans Matter (in partnership with the VA & HUD-VASH) assisted and successfully housed “Paul,” a South Carolina Veteran.

In August of 2022, his apartment complex, Spring Lake Apartments in Columbia, South Carolina, changed management.  The new management decided to immediately begin renovations. This decision (in the minds of the new management) necessitated the eviction of many tenants, our South Carolina Veteran included. This left Paul with very few options as he was formerly homeless just three short months prior. He felt stranded and alone.

Click here to view the news feature describing the eviction.

Paul’s HUD-VASH social worker, recently wrote us to explain the situation and to apply again for housing assistance. She wrote, “He vacated the unit and was provided another voucher to seek another unit. Meantime, the new management claimed they had no knowledge of the security deposit provided and continued to deny having any records of a lease.”

Paul was devastated. He thought his placement at Spring Lake Apartments in August was a new beginning, a dream. Sadly, it was turning into a nightmare.

Ultimately, they charged Paul additional fees because he continued to maintain his furniture and other belongings in the apartment because he had nowhere else to store them; Paul was homeless … again.

His HUD-VASH social worker continued, “He [Paul] just wants to settle down into his new place without continuing the move-in challenges.”

For the next 6 months, thanks to the love and support of friends and family, Paul couch-surfed until another unit became available. That’s when you stepped in, again. In addition to supportive services provided by HUD-VASH (household items, bedding, kitchen and bath supplies, etc), Paul was housed again on February 3, 2023.

On behalf of Paul (and all of the over 6,500 Heroes and their families you’ve helped house), we thank you.