What honorably discharged soldier would pack her family into a 15-year-old SUV and live on the streets? The answer is none and the solution is eliminating Veteran housing barriers.

I have met thousands of Homeless Veteran Families in my lifetime and not one of these brave men and women made a choice to exit their housing to live in an SUV.

For veterans, the trauma associated with their transition from military service often creates a communication barrier between them and the resources possibly available to them. There is a stigma attached to homelessness, especially for Veterans, that makes reaching out for help a difficult process. Veterans are an honorable group of individuals who sacrificed their time, bodies, and emotional health to fight for and protect our freedoms.

Asking for help means sitting in waiting rooms, standing in lines, telling stranger after stranger about personal barriers, and repeating failure after failure.

How can we help? We can quickly house as many Homeless Veterans and their families as quickly as possible-support Veteran Families by providing information for the National Call Center for Homeless Veterans. You, a family member, and/or the Veteran can call 1-877-424-3838 and ask for assistance. The directions and resources provided will lead to permanent housing.

Veterans Matter does not require our Homeless Veterans to stand in a line, answer questions over and over, or explain their personal barriers that contributed to Homelessness. Veterans Matter is the hand-up to quickly house our Homeless Veterans so that they may begin living in their successes and be remembered for their courage, unconditional love, and sacrifice.

Will you stand with Veterans Matter and be the one to give an unhoused Veteran a hand-up and out of Homelessness and into permanent housing?