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Home Again: In Their Own Words In this touching video introduced by John Mellencamp, four of the veterans housed by Veterans Matter share their stories of moving from homelessness, to housing, as well as [...]

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A Hero's Best Friends A veteran worked on his feet every day, challenged by neuropathy while working in shipping, receiving and deliveries. After getting laid off when the company downsized, the veteran began to [...]

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Climbing Up the Beam High on a steel beam with the city sprawled below, Corporal Robert (Bur) Pulliam, Ret., is far above the homeless camps and streets he once called home. “Climbing up the [...]

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Refusing to Quit At 67, Toledo, Ohio, Veteran Charles Kincaid has experienced more than his fair share of ups and downs since he left the military. That he survived, and is now thriving, is [...]

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A Veteran & His Family HUD-VASH Caseworker Cory Glasgow came to us with an OEF/OIF/OND veteran with a spouse and four children who were in need of our help. They planned to stay with [...]

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A Home for the Holidays Ken Leslie – Facebook 12/2016 So to date (December 2016) Veterans Matter has housed over 1,250 veterans nationwide. Because of our structure we rarely get to meet the veterans [...]

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A Home After Three Years Caseworker Larry Squires shared with us the story of a veteran who had been homeless for three years. Squires was with the veteran when he signed his lease with [...]

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“It’s not just one heartwarming story, it’s the total number. A lot of veterans now have a warm, safe place to sleep tonight because Veteran’s Matter was able to come through and provide the [...]

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A Car is Not a Home Joel had been living in his car with his dog for two months when he met Shawn Dowling, his local VA Health Care for Homeless Veterans program coordinator. Dowling [...]

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Once a contracted government employee and a well-educated man, a Navy Veteran found himself living out of his truck with his dogs in the local Wal-Mart parking lot. Not one to ask for help, [...]

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I would like to express my appreciation of the assistance provided by Veteran’s Matter. Over the past few months, Veterans Matter has assisted three of my Veterans who were facing financial hardship and/or without [...]

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Mr. R. is 72-year-old Veteran. He served in the Army for 6 years. He was very stable in his community but had outlived his relatives and friends. Mr. R. has a number of medical issues due to his age [...]

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We recently housed a 48-year-old single male Army Veteran who had been in and out of shelters in Flint, MI with the help of Veterans Matter. His yearly income at this time is $2400. He couldn’t find rent that was [...]

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Veteran A was living in a rental trailer for over a year. During this time, he lost his car and job and ended up trying to live off $134 a month. We were able to house him in an apartment with included utilities [...]

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The B. Family is officially in their home!!! I went to see them today and it was AMAZING…the kids actually took me on a tour.   They kept wanting to take me upstairs to see their room, over, and [...]

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Veteran C. has mental health issues that greatly impacted his ability to sustain housing, which led to the veteran becoming homeless. He was residing in a shelter for 7 months before he was mentally prepared to secure permeant [...]

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I have been working as a HUD-VASH Social Worker for just over a year now in a rural area of Texas. My position was newly created to the local VA community based out-patient clinic [...]